Acne Cures?

May 2, 2012

Acne Cures

Acne Cures
by Lal Beral

Question by Linz: Acne Cures?

I was wondering if anyone had any cures for acne (favorite product, facial, ect…). It would be much appreciated.

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Answer by Ellen C
helps alot, trust me!

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7 Responses to “Acne Cures?”

  1. oh_so_lovely Says:

    none of the other over the counter medications/face washes did crap for me (ie clearasil, clean and clear, neutragena etc)
    it took a few weeks to fully work, but its amazing now and i hardly every break out! when before i would every day with a huge new zit!!!! :D it rocks, seriously, give it a try!!! i think they even have a free 30 day trial kit to see if it works!!! :D D


  2. Cinnamonroll Says:

    Neutrogyna and Clinique ! :p
    they work well.


  3. kRISTi Says:

    i LOVE works better than any other acne medication i have tried. It really does work like it says it does on t.v…you should try it..believe would love it too


  4. mrs. randy orton Says:


    it is literally a miracle in a bottle!!!!!


  5. crunchatizemecapn2010 Says:

    The closest thing to a cure for acne is to go see a dermatologist.
    Clinique make up doesn’t make you break out either compared to other brands.


  6. cailtin ( loves soccer) Says:

    it sounds weird but i had moderate chest, face acne and all i did was take some pure baking soda and mix it until it was a paste then washed my face with that every night and sometimes in the morning (if not i just used plain face wash) and it totally made my acne dispear completly


  7. Lynn Hussey Says:

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