Best Acne Treatment Tips For A Fast Most Effective Home Remedy For Severe Acne

May 14, 2012

Best Acne Treatment

Best Acne Treatment Tips For A Fast Most Effective Home Remedy For Severe Acne Dr. James Martin suffered from severe cystic acne for 11 years until his search for the cause and an effective solution resulted in his step by step FREE VIDEO guide to restoring his clear skin. You can get FREE INFO on Dr. Martin’s approach to clearing his skin fast by visiting his website Disclaimer The FDA has not evaluated these statemtents and the products/information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
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Best Acne Treatment Tips

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24 Responses to “Best Acne Treatment Tips For A Fast Most Effective Home Remedy For Severe Acne”

  1. XxUntouchablexX777 Says:

    i ususally get acne from what i eat and sweating. I sweat alot from playing sports


  2. MiraSekelsky Says:

    I am SO desperate to know why I have acne. I had beautiful skin as a child, and then when I hit thirteen, I suddenly had appalling skin. I have dry, oily, sensitive, spot-prone skin and nothing (not pills/intense creams from the doctor nor special face-washes or cleansers etc.) has worked! what can I do! I’m 20 now and I’ve got little self-confidence because of my skin. P.S. I’m just heading off to your website and for a look through your other videos…!


  3. jimmygames666 Says:

    what kinds of foods would you suggest to help, i get bad acne in specific areas of my face, and it comes back, i’ve had one pimple right near my upper lip for about three months and it’s driving me crazy!


  4. makeupdolly88 Says:

    That totally makes sense if you have any at all to begin with. Another reason why professionals say otherwise is because it keeps the industry that makes acne creams, lotions, potions, serums etc generating millions or even billions of revenue on the notion that you have to target acne from the surface of the skin.
    It’s simple, eat healthily & drink plenty of water…it’s been said time and time again!
    Good advice Dr :)


  5. harryisasmartcat Says:

    ive had acne for along time and ive tried proactive and skin id and none of that has worked do you know what i can use and do to get rid of it?


  6. tessab0o Says:

    Cute and smart! nice!


  7. sbrna Says:

    What about the water you use to wash your face? Our water isn’t that great we have to put salt in it. We don’t drink it we get water from the spring to drink but we use it to shower and I wash my face with it. Possible? or no?


  8. gwaio Says:

    omg dat what i said but noo my docter says food have no affect i know it whats the best thing i should do


  9. Eaglebeauty Says:

    thanks for the great info!


  10. 03mrobinson Says:


    ive had acne since high school, it started when i was about 14 i am now 18 it has calmed down alot but still hasnt gone completely there are new zits every day, id just like to ask you a few questions

    why is the acne always on my face? specificly more mouth and nose

    and what type of food and drink do you suggest eating?



  11. DrJamesMartin Says:

    there are different severities of acne…It can be both

    dr. m


  12. DrJamesMartin Says:

    I have seen some evidence of that…and a whole
    lot of other people seeing the same thing.

    Dr. M


  13. DrJamesMartin Says:

    My pleasure.

    Dr. m


  14. BTMLOL Says:

    can alchol give you acne? because i go out most friday nights and get drunk and i wake up with a whitehead on my face literally every time. and what sorts of foods cause acne? thanks


  15. DrJamesMartin Says:



  16. DrJamesMartinDC Says:

    It does work for quite a few people but I feel it is only a topical solution..still underlying health condition being overlooked.

    Way back in the beginning when I tried it, it did not help me. Actually, it really caused me a major skin irritation.

    Dr. M


  17. DrJamesMartinDC Says:

    definitely helpful

    Dr. M


  18. quangluu96 Says:

    is acne like a pimple or its just larger and more servere


  19. vassallo8 Says:

    would u recommend a liver flush?


  20. TheArtistist Says:

    Does PRO-ACTIVE really works or not? some people says that soap can also cause acne and i only wash warm water.. i guess 4 months not using soap can also help i guess and praying to God that it will go away…. hehehe
    Dr. j is it PRO-active works?


  21. HowtoRemoveAcne Says:

    Thank you for all the information!


  22. seEbeSorKh9868 Says:

    Hi Dr. Martin and thank you for your videos I got really excited to have possibly found a real solution to my acne! I have been dealing with mild acne on my face and back since I was 13 and it has been couple years that Ive tried many acne products though as you said they only treated the symptoms if I was even lucky (maybe they even got worse because of all the chemicals). So as of now I have so many scars and blemishes left that have made my face even worse. Continued


  23. Cassmoneyrecords Says:

    Thanks for the knowledge!


  24. buffy1990 Says:

    can i just say thank you for taking your time to make this video with free acne advice, your helping many people. thanks


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