Causes of Acne – Does Consuming Chocolate Cause Acne?

March 8, 2012

Causes Of Acne

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Causes of Acne – Does Consuming Chocolate Cause Acne?


Bet your mom or father informed you that when you enter your teen many years you will have to lower down or fully eradicate your consumption of chocolate. Why? Due to the fact you will produce a significant situation of acne and subsequently have acne scars for the rest of your daily life.

Effectively allow’s examine that and see what causes acne to produce and why chocolate does not contribute to the improvement of acne.

How Acne Develops

Near to 50 million individuals in the United States will build acne this year. Most of these who will endure from this embarrassing situation will be teenagers going via puberty.

The immediate cause of acne is not recognized, but it is believed to be induced by a hormone imbalance in the human physique. This is precisely what teenagers are undergoing when they undergo puberty, a extreme hormone imbalance.

This is additional supported by the reality that ladies who take particular birth manage tablets or are undergoing tension, as well have a hormone imbalance and have a tendency to build an acne breakout.

When you get this hormone imbalance, the physique’s skin will begin to excrete sebum (oil) in bigger quantities than regular. This excess oil will permit dead skin on the surface of the skin to clump collectively.

When this clumping happens, it can block the pores permitting for an perfect atmosphere for bacteria to develop. As the bacteria grows, the immune method responds by attacking the expanding bacteria, creating inflammation, therefore acne.

Chocolate And Acne

So when you consume chocolate it will require to both upset your hormones in your entire body or cause your entire body to secrete further physique oils than regular. But so far study has shown that Consuming chocolate will not cause you to make further sebum or upset your hormones.

So there is no connection amongst acne and chocolate.

What Does Chocolate Do To The Physique

There are a couple of adverse factors for Eating chocolate. It can make you fat if you consume as well considerably and can cause you to have a sugar spike in your blood.

But if you consume chocolate in modest doses, this kind of as one square of dark chocolate a day, you can comprehend the following positive aspects:

  • Chocolate has been identified to be useful to the brain.
  • It is too advantageous to your entire body Due to the fact it relieves hypertension by growing or dilating your blood vessels.
  • It too is made up of magnesium which aids convert your meals to vitality.



Acne is believed to be induced by a hormone imbalance in the entire body creating the physique to secrete additional sebum than standard. Chocolate has been discovered not to cause a hormone imbalance nor does it cause the physique to secrete additional sebum than typical.

Based mostly on this, chocolate and acne are not linked, but dark chocolate, taken in moderation, can be advantageous to the physique in basic.

Jimmy C has been learning skin care for numerous many years Since of his skin troubles in his youth and he is the Editor in Chief of a range of skin care net internet sites. Currently being a victim of acne in his younger days, he has researched this topic to assist individuals stop and avert acne. He has as well studied several elements of caring for the bodies skin and retaining it youthful and totally free of irritants.

For further info on caring for acne or other facial blemishes and maintaining your youthful look go to his internet websites at

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