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waklynsBridget designed a tasty APPLE MAP of Metfield and environs for us all to pin and identify our very own apple trees in our gardens, and our apple orchards. Mysteries were solved by Eddie Krutyza, who planted many of them in his time.

danGathered and displayed in our village shop ready to buy were diverse apples from three local sources:
from Dan N
euteboom’s came Falstaff, Winter Wonder, Laxton Fortune, Egremont Russett, Delblush.
Older fashioned varieties were supplied by Wakelyns: Alban Pipin, Flower of Kent, Coer de Boef, Reverent Wilks.
And Eddie Krutyza’s delightfully imperfect and more than boxes of delicious Dr Harvey.
Yes, not a Braeburn in sight - a great opportunity to experience the diversity of apples grown on our local Suffolk s

From Vanilla Pantry came baked toffee apples and apple tarts, turnovers, and flans, that stretched along the counter.


The Sunday morning itself was a glorious crisp October day so we happily spilled out side into the street - a passing a horse enjoyed the unexpected gift of an apple.

Martin and Ann Wolf set up the Hand Apple Press. Armed with an electric drill, an old fashioned pressure cooker, a wooden press, and a muslin cloth - with nothing being used for its original purpose, Martins Heath Robinson contraption miraculously created a sweet clear apple juice.

Ann, as back up, had the Kitchen Maids electric juicer, useful to cope with the demand, juicing apples from the orchard they planted 19 years ago, 2 miles away.
Tessa set up tastings proving us with a golden opportunity to taste such unusual varieties - rarely found in shops - finding what suited out taste buds, sharp, sweet, crisp, perfumed - before we could buy some to take home.

The first to arrive were the good folk from Metfield Church. Margaret Puddy had imaginatively decorated the tall church windows with apples, which generously gave off their perfume into the ecclesiastical air. Pru had taken the radical decision of not providing the usual coffee after mass, instead shepherding the flock up the road to Metfield Stores to enjoy Apple Juice.

Dan Neuteboon and his wife arrived early for apple breakfast, in time for the East Anglian reporter to take a memorable photograph of Dan, Martin Wolf, Eddie Krutysia, our 3 local producers, dwarfed by our very own Apple Angel, Aisha eating a rosy apple just like an tempting Eve.

Eddie Krutysia was in demand as our local apple doctor and identifier, selling apple trees as well as giving of his knowledge. So many of Metfield’s fruit trees have been planted and tended by him.

Come mid day, James from Thorpe Hall Farm, nimbly set up a make shift bbq outside, and tempted us all with his sizzling delicious Thorpe Hall Apple and Pork Burgers, served with Chris Harvey’s home made apple sauce.

The people from Metfield arrived, on foot or bicycle, loitering in the October sunshine, talking apples, sharing stories, tasting old and new varieties, and feeling the universal ageless company of contact.

‘There were about 20 who came with apples to identify’, said Eddie at the end of the apple day. ‘At least one trying to catch me out - but I knew it’s name as well as they did!