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On a stunning October day, 25 people, 5 dogs and 3 bicycles gathered outside Metfield Stores for Apple Day: some from the Aldeburgh Food Festival publicity (we were part of the Fringe festival this year), two from Common Ground web page information, others from flyers and word of mouth, and quite a few returners from last year - two  from as far away as Debehnam! 
We gathered in Julie’s garden, sampling juices and combining Norfolk Dapple with Falstaff Apple: apples from Dan Neuteboom, Eddie Kruyteza, Waklyns Agroforestry and Holton Orchards, and apple juices from James White, Aspalls (who donated 2 free cases), Suffolk Apple Juice, Dan Neuteboom. 

As Jan and Flick worked the shop, selling Village Kitchen delicious apple pies, Rachel gave a talk, How to save a village shop (present continuous) with supporting roles for Gill, Kingsley and Emily, illustrating diversity of view: 'It's too expensive', and 'Your eggs are too cheap!' 

Eddie led the walk around the village, up over the fields, down hazel lined tracks to Waklyns where Martin and Ann met us, offering apples and plums to quench our thirst, and after an illuminating 'show and tell' from Martin on how his agroforestry north south axis lines of mixed trees and crops cohabit and prosper, Marion pressed apples.

Kingsley drove us back in the Metfield Bus, to Metfield Stores, where Flick stayed on to the very end. 
DIVERSITY was the theme of the day, from shop views to Martins diverse grasses withstanding drought.