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What a glorious October day!
Walking beside the prairie hedge-less fields of conventional farmers, turning down a hawthorn hazelnut hedgerow, still with blackberries to pick, through the wooden gate to Wakelyns and intercropping tree with field, on that North South Axis that makes so much sense. Natural mulching, wind protection, diversity. BIODIVERSITY - that’s one word Martin repeated, to knock into our heads. And a useful tip: hawthorn fruit is good for our blood, so our heart.

Thank you to all who made it:
Eddie for your tour of Metfields trees, and for your perceptive identification.
Martin and Ann for welcoming us to Wakelyns, and reminding us - biodiversity
John, Kity and Jan for looking after the shop
Valerie for offering apple tastings
Kingsley for organising and driving the Community Bus
Peter and Sue for closing up
Our publicity team, Linda, Nicky, Vivian, Gill for publicising and designing posters
Gill for her gifted warm apple juice
Lorraine (Village Kitchen) and Jan for baking apple pies
Wakeylns, Dan Neuteboom, Holton Orchards for apples, James White, Dan, Aspalls, Suffolk Apple Juice for apple juice. AlderCar for delicious toffee apple ice-cream.
Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival - for including us, promoting us, and celebrating local and diversity.