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2006 - our first local event

It is with a feeling of poetic justice that Janet Rusted, once married to Metfield's last butcher, now, as Manager of Metfield Stores, is promoting and selling locally produced sausages once more.

In the spirit of Janet Rusted's flamboyant butcher father-in-law, Hedley Rusted, Thorpe Hall Farm is to produce and launch the Metfield Frisky sausage and chipolata at Metfield Stores on Saturday 3rdJune at 12.30 pm, after Metfield Farmer's Market (from 9–12.00, and another Metfield initiative to promote and sell local producers).

It's a no-nonsense sausage: gluten free, low salt, made exclusively of meat and flavoured with sage, onion and black pepper.

Hedley Rusted, who took delight in shocking everyone who came into his butchers shop, announced the new Vicar of Metfield:

'Here comes the sky-pilot!'
'Very nice to meet you Hedley' said the sky pilot, 'but I have to say, you won't be seeing much of me in your shop – you see I'm a vegetarian'.
'Well you won't be seeing much of me neither, as I'm a heathen', returned Hedley, with a twinkle in his eye.
The Metfield

A delicious bespoke sausage made for Metfield Stores by Thorpe Hall Farm


June 2006

The last of Metfield's two butcher's shops closed soon after Budgens opened in Harleston. Thorpe Hall Farm have been raising rare breed pigs for over 14 years, specialising in the distinctive All Black and the Tamworth. These pigs are slow grown for full flavour.

Metfield Stores is reflecting the growing nationwide focus on selling and promoting local produce. Other local suppliers include Wakelyns organic vegetables, Metfield Pig Herd, Cleveleys and Marybelle Dairy, and Pinky's snacks. The shop's Cinderella transformation and first month's successful trading are a great testament to the determination of the local people. 'I'm sure it will continue to play a valuable role in the local community, as it seems to be doing already.' said local resident Jan.


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