Q&A: Acne Rosacea?

May 5, 2012

Acne Rosacea

Acne Rosacea

Question by Jerry M: Acne Rosacea?

I am 18 years old and my entire face is pinkish red. Until about January of 2007, my face was a normal color and I had very mild acne. From that point on, my acne has gotten slightly worse and my face has gotten and has remained pink! Could this be acne rosacea? My dermatologist said that some peoples’ face are just red, but mine wasn’t a little more than a year ago!!!

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Answer by olympics junkie
Tlhat isn’t a very satisfying answer from a professsional I think I would search for another dermatologist who was willing to work with you to diagnose your condition & to set up treatment for it..

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Acne Rosacea?

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Acne Rosacea?”

  1. twid392™ Says:

    Uh based on your age and if you really have redness you could have KPRF. Do you have keratosis pilaris and do you ever get flushing/blushing episodes?


    If your redness level never really changes then there is probably nothing to worry about for now and you may be prone to developing rosacea later in life. And you say your face is entirely red.


  2. Jessica P Says:

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    Anyway, I hope that helps :)



  3. Andrew D Says:

    Find a new dermatologist. If your acne is getting worse, then you aren’t receiving adequate treatment, and you need more aggressive treatment. Your face could be turning more reddish due to a variety of reasons — 19 is early for the development of rosacea (it usually occurs after 30), but your face may be becoming more red due to just overall irritation and diffuse infection from the spread of your acne. If you got your acne under better control, your redness might subside.

    You could be developing pre-rosacea … I would suggest trying Plexion facial wash. It treats *both* acne and rosacea. As with all acne and rosacea medications, it takes time (a couple of months) for it be effective. I would also recommend trying either Finacea (15% azelaic acid) or Azelex (20% azelaic acid) — both are good for reducing facial redness and treating rosacea and acne. These can also be used in conjunction with whatever other acne medication you might already be using and will reduce your facial redness (whether you have rosacea or not).

    Good luck! It may not be necessary to find a new dermatologist … but it sounds like it is. If he/she is not willing to prescribe these medications for you, then it definitely is time to go to one that is.


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