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Health Regulations

According to medical statistics, by the thirtieth anniversary, more than 90% of people come with various diseases. In other words, at such a frivolous age, almost all of us have already lost the reserve of health given to us by nature.

One can write a lot about bad ecology and the modern rhythm of life, but first of all we are to blame for it ourselves. After all, in order to avoid health problems in the future, we should start taking care of ourselves in the present.

Eat in a balanced way

Health Regulations

A sandwich for breakfast, a cup of coffee for lunch and a plate of fried potatoes or dumplings for dinner – a familiar diet? If so, you will not avoid health problems. The meaning of proper nutrition is not to torture yourself with diets, but to give your body enough necessary substances.

Reasonable distribution of food volumes during the day, fresh vegetables, fruits and juices in the diet, compulsory dairy products and fish are just a small part of the right approach to nutrition.

You can form your own menu, either on your own or by doctor’s recommendation. And remember: the wrong diet is inherent to the absolute majority of our contemporaries, but “like everyone else” in this case does not mean “good”.

Wake up

8 hours of sleep a day is not a doctor’s fiction, but a severe necessity. Of course, this question can be approached individually: someone needs 6 hours to feel fine, and someone feels tired even after 10 hours. In any case, do not be tired. Even the funniest parties or urgent projects at work will be left behind, but the consequences of damage to the body will be with you for a very long time.

Get involved in sports

It is not necessary to set Olympic records or go jogging at 6:00 am. Choose what you really like. It may be dancing, horseback riding, skating, pilates. The main thing to actively spend at least a tenth of your free time.

Do not postpone treatment “in a long box”

Untreated colds, stomach pain after a spicy meal, tooth decay – everyone has a list of health problems, which he has long ago waved his hand. However, if the disease does not manifest itself, it does not mean that it has ceased to develop or will pass by itself.

Go to the doctors in time, have regular checkups and stop treatment only after the specialists allow it.

Limit yourself in alcohol

Health Regulations

There is no point in shouting that alcohol is a poison and it should be prohibited. It has long been proven that quality and natural drinks in small doses do not harm the body. Red wine has a positive effect on blood vessels, and a pile of cognac has long been prescribed to people to normalize pressure.

But it would be absurd to think that all alcohol is useful. To limit yourself in consumption and reasonably approach the types and varieties of intoxicating drinks is the only reasonable option.

Quit smoking

But smoking, in contrast to alcohol, is definitely worth quitting. There are no useful cigarettes or tobacco varieties that do not affect the body. This habit, even if it takes only a couple of months of your life, will have a significant impact on the whole body. It will affect not only the respiratory organs, but also the heart, circulatory system, stomach, genitourinary system.

Control your sexual life

Random connections, irresponsible approach to contraception – all this becomes the reason for the growing queues to the offices of gynecologists and urologists. Clinics that treat problems of the genitourinary system appear in large cities like mushrooms after rain. This is not surprising: in the age of sexual revolution, few people will “honour” until marriage. And this is not necessary. To stay healthy, it is enough not to have sexual intercourse with people whose health you are not sure, always be protected and visit a doctor twice a year, even if nothing bothers you.