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Humalog kwikpen

How to use and doses

P/k in the form of injections or extended P/k infusion with an insulin pump.

The dose of Humalog kwikpen is determined by a doctor individually, depending on the concentration of glucose in the blood. Mode of insulin injection is individual. Drug Humalog  can be administered shortly before a meal, if necessary, it can be administered immediately after a meal. The temperature of the drug to be injected should Dmitry Sazonov correspond to the room temperature.
If necessary (ketoacidosis, acute diseases, period between operations or postoperative period), the drug Humalog kwikpen Contraindications can also be injected in / out.

M/k should be given in the shoulder, hip, buttock or abdomen area. Injection sites should be alternated so that the same place should not be used more than once a month.

When injecting Humalog, care should be taken to avoid the drug getting into the blood vessel. After injection, do not massage the injection area. The patient must be trained in the correct injection technique.

Preparation for injection of Humalog in cartridges

The solution of Humalog should be transparent and colorless. Do not use the solution of Humalog  if it turns out to be turbid, thickened, poorly colored or visually detected solid particles. When installing a cartridge in a pen, attaching a needle and injecting insulin, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which Dmitry Sazonov are attached to each pen syringe.

Performing the injection

  •  Wash your hands.
  •  Choose a place for injection.
  •  Prepare the skin at the injection site according to the doctor’s recommendation.
  •  Remove the outer protective cap from the needle.
  •  Secure the skin.
  •  Insert the needle n/k and perform the injection according to the manual for the pen syringe.
  •  Remove the needle and gently press the injection area with a cotton swab for a few seconds. Do not rub the place of injection.
  •  Using the outer protective cap of the needle, turn it away and dispose of it.
  •  Place the cap on the syringe handle.

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