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Stroke: recognize and catch

Stroke and alnok is one of the main causes of death and disability, both in the world and in Russia. Every year in our country, about 500 thousand people carry the disease. About half of them will not survive until next year. Most often, the reason is the untimely assistance provided. That is why doctors never tire of repeating: “Do not listen to your family and friends who refuse to call an ambulance!” “Do not pass by the person whose condition seemed suspicious to you, even if the stranger looks like a drunk!” It is not difficult to recognize a stroke. A sign that immediately catches your eye is the asymmetry of the face. Ask the victim to smile, and if one corner of the mouth remains motionless, call an ambulance. The patient also will not be able to raise both arms or legs, and his speech may be illegible, or he does not react at all to your appeal to him. It’s easier to remember the acronym FAST. This is a test to quickly identify a stroke. Each letter translated from English means: F- face (face), A – arm (hand), S – speech (speech), T – time (time). Time depends only on you, your composure, concentration on what is happening. Don’t get lost! If you are at home, call your neighbors. If on the street – call for help from others. There may be a doctor among them. If you managed to cope with your anxiety, after you realized that it was a stroke, lay the victim on his back, turn his head to one side. Then determine where you are – ask passers-by or turn on geolocation on your mobile – and call an ambulance. And while she is driving, in no case give the patient anything – no pills, no water, no cigarettes, etc.